Our Lubina range of top-quality bespoke rigid kitchen units are constructed here in East Anglia and made to measure for your kitchen, whatever shape and size. The Lubina range features 18mm carcases, state of the art Blum fittings and a range of internal storage options to maximise the storage and access. This range is paired with various door specialists to give you complete choice of modern and traditional kitchens.

Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality of our Lubina kitchen equipment that all unit hinges and drawers have a lifetime guarantee i.e. we will replace any hinge or drawer runner free of charge throughout the life of the kitchen. This offer covers these items for fair wear and tear – obvious signs of mistreatment or water damage will render them chargeable. Due to continuous improvements and availability we reserve the right to supply different models to those originally fitted should the need arise.


Burbidge are a family owned UK manufacturer with experience in woodwork dating back to 1867. They employ their extensive knowledge and skill to offer everything from high quality timeless classic timber styles, to the latest contemporary designs. Burbidge offer a large range of standard painted colours and a bespoke painting service.

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JJO Kitchens

Kitchen Sense also offer JJO’s range of kitchens. Offering several flatpack ranges as well as their own rigid units, most of JJO’s kitchens are deliverable within a week at an affordable cost but without compromising quality. Whether you select their top spec Colonial units or their Eco range, soft-close Blum drawer boxes and heavy-duty Blum hinges are included, along with various internal storage solutions.

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Whether you are looking for quality laminate worktops, such as Duropal or bespoke solid quartz worktops such as Silestone, Kitchen Sense has it all.

Laminate Worktops

Kitchen Sense offer Formica Prima, Bushboard and Duropal laminate surfaces. Standard 40mm options are available from all manufacturers as well as new, sleek 20/22mm options.


Like granite worktops, our range of solid quartz worktops are fabricated locally and bespoke for your kitchen. As a Silestone Elite dealer, any of Silestone’s extensive collection of solid surfaces can be used and combined with specialties such as undermount sinks and flush-mount hobs, as well as the option of Silestone Integrity fully integrated sinks.


Marpatt is a family owned and run company celebrating 30 years in the business of supplying the very best in innovative kitchen doors and component design to the kitchen industry. Whether you prefer natural wood, modern painted or contemporary slab doors, Marpatt has it all and we have a selection of their range here.

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Second Nature

Second Nature offers a comprehensive range of kitchen styles to suit every individual taste and lifestyle. Based in County Durham, Second Nature offer over 50 classic and contemporary ranges, including the following highlights…

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Solid Wood

Kitchen Sense offers wooden surfaces from a selection of manufacturers, cut from full lengths or bespoke manufactured for your kitchen. Specialties such as curves and undermount sinks are some of the possibilities that can be created with these worktops.


Fabricated locally, solid granite worktops are templated exactly to your kitchen. Granite worktops gives total artistic freedom and provide the beauty and toughness of nature. Options such as flush-mount hobs and undermount sinks really set these worktops apart.


Dekton is the new ultracompact surface of Cosentino. A material made of porcelain, glass and quartz. Given the zero-porosity, its become a versatile and high resistant option.